General Manager

Hartstene Pointe Maintenance Association, WA

Working under the general direction of the Board
of Directors, the General Manager reports to the
Board President and performs duties with minimum supervision. 

The General Manager is responsible for the management and operations of
the HPMA property and facilities in accordance
with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
(CC&R’s), Rules and Regulations (R & R’s) and
Policies of HPMA as directed by the HPMA Board
of Directors.
The Manager is responsible for all aspects of
day-to-day management, maintenance and upkeep of the common area, including the forest
and vegetation, HPMA buildings and other facilities, and the infrastructure and amenities of
Hartstene Pointe. 

The General Manager is expected to act independently with subsequent reports to the Board, except in instances where
consultation with the Board is required. In such
instances, the General Manager is expected to
bring recommendations and suggestions for alternative courses of action to the Board. 

The General Manager’s duties span multiple disciplines, including Accounting and Administration,
Personnel Management and Development,
Common Area Management, Maintenance Operations, Relationship Management and Governance. 
$80,000 - $100,000

Type of Job
Full Time

Closing Date
(open until filled)

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