Director of Public Works/Community Development

City of Maple Valley, WA

The Department & Position

Public Works:

The Public Works Department consists of ten employees responsible for the maintenance and operations of city streets, sidewalks, storm drainage, right of way landscaping, and the planning, funding, design, construction of street and storm water related infrastructure, management of contracted garbage and recycling programs, management of water quality and aquatic vegetation and management of the City’s lakes.

Community Development:

The Community Development Department consists of eight employees responsible for providing information to the general public on planning, zoning, civil plan review, review and issuance of building permits. The Department also provides inspections for new construction and ensures compliance with the applicable planning, zoning, engineering and building related requirements, and code enforcement. The Department is responsible for coordinating with other City, local and state departments, monitoring regional and state activities that impact the City, ensuring the City’s development related documents are in compliance with State and Federal requirements, and providing staff support to the City Manager, City Attorney, Planning Commission, City Council and the general public.

Under the direction of the City Manager, the Public Works Director/Community Development Director (PWD/CDD) is responsible for overseeing all functions of the City’s Public Works Department and Community Development Department, including supervision of all Department employees to ensure that necessary public improvements are scheduled, designed and constructed, and that all planning, permitting, plan review, inspection, and code enforcement functions are accomplished in a timely and orderly manner. The Director is responsible for approximately $10 million in Capital Budget projects, and $4 million for the budget of both the Public Works Department and Community Development Department.

This position supervises a Community Development Manager that reports to the PWD/CDD and assists with the day-to-day management of the Community Development Department.

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